GRAMEENPHONE BOIMELA is a subscription based service. The charging & other information of the service is given below:


By subscribing users will get access to all audio books.

TK 2.18 for 1 day

TK 7.63 for 7 days

TK 32.71 for 30 days

*Above prices are inclusive of VAT+SD+SC.


To subscribe:

Go to your message option & type

START BG1 (Daily Pack)

START BG7 (Weekly Pack)

START BG30 (Monthly Pack)

& send to 21313


To Unsubscribe:

Go to your message option & type

STOP BG1 (Daily Pack).

STOP BG7 (Weekly Pack).

STOP BG30 (Monthly Pack).

& send to 21313

Users can also subscribe or unsubscribe directly from the Wap/Web.


Book Price:

Each book will have a price tag in it. Buy your favorite book at a cheap price.

Book price starts from BDT 5 and can go up to BDT 100.

*All book prices are inclusive of VAT+SD+SC.


Facing problem or need to know more?

Email us - or call

8801796193871 by 11:00AM-5:00PM (SUN-THU)

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